Vintage Sewing Machine Manuals

I am providing links to some of the manufacturer websites where you might be able to find a manual for your vintage machine.  I am NOT affiliated with any of them.  

Some of the links provide manuals for free and others will charge a fee.  The websites may notso you might have to contact customer service directly with your inquiry. I would try contacting someone at the company first, who knows, they may e-mail you a free manual for your old sewing machine.
Just click on the highlighted links to view the website.  If you know of any others, please let me know and I will add them here. 

Need a manual for your vintage KENMORE sewing machine?  Take a look at my post here.

Need a manual for your vintage SINGER sewing machine?  Take a look at my post here.  If you need a manual for a WHITE sewing machine, Singer also provides those at the same website.

Manual for a Singer Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine – request a copy via e-mail.  A generous Stitch Nerd reader has sent a copy to me to share with you.  He also referred me to another great source for sewing machine manual:

SCRIBD if you are able to find a manual at this website, you will be able to view the first few pages of the manual.  You have to become a paying member to have full access with downloading, and printing capabilities. 

Elna International

Juki Household Sewing Machine

Baby Lock


Husqvarna Viking

Do you have a sewing machine manual you would like to share with those who may need one?  Send it to me and I will distribute it here free of charge.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

293 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Machine Manuals

  1. I am looking for a manual or someone to inform me on how to thread my sewing machine & install bobbin underneath It is a Elgin s-1145 any help would be appreciated

  2. Hello I was not able to down load a copy of a Manuel for my Vintage Kenmore sewing machine model 117.959 My guess is that they do not have older sewing machine manual.

  3. Help! I have a Baby Lock BL4-738D and I need a manual. Any help would be gratefully received. Any idea how old this model would be? Thanks

  4. Any idea where I can find a manual for Bellecraft Sewing Machine, model 820? It was purchased in 1959. Please respond to Thanks, I can’t find a thing!!!! I have pieces of the manual, need the whole thing. Thanks again. Terri

  5. Does anyone know where I can find an Instruction Manual for an Elgin 4400F? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find one…Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. im bought this sewing machine at a yard sale, and it came with no manual nor a brand name on it, but i looked online and i think i found it-it looks exactly like this model, that will follow, but i need a manual as im kind of a beginner at this and id love to have a manual for it heres what i think it is: a Foshan Ukicra 16 function machine and if this is it the model number is: UFR-613- it is blue and white, every place i check brings me to the same website, most times but none have manuals. if you can help me thanks. ive been looking up for this for almost 14 and 1/2 hr just today thank you.

  7. I have come across an instruction manual in my collection for ‘The singer manufacturing company’s Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machines’. I will be happy to email a copy in pdf format should anyone need such a manual.

  8. I’m burrowing my mom’s sewing machine and she has no idea where the manual is. I’ve checked online in several places and found it on a couple websites to buy. Before doing so though, I’d like to check with all here to see if someone has it or knows where I can obtain one for free.
    The model is the kenmore 158.13160. I did check the website that is listed on this site for kenmore, but they only have the parts manual for ordering parts and servicing your machine. They don’t have the actual manual and I’m in need of learning how to use the buttonhole piece.
    Let me know, thanks.

      • No, i never did. It was actually made by a “Universal company “. Evidently in the 50s which I think this was from, Kenmore subbed out building their machines to other companies. It is very specific machine and The specs on it are very different from the other Kenmore machines. For example I ordered some new feet for it and they do not fit in the proper place because the machine is built a little bit differently.

  9. Hello, my girlfriend and I stumbled upon an Elna Elnita 250. I happened across your entry about the 255i. I can’t seem to find the manual on Elna’s website. Are there any possibilities of finding this?

    • I would also love to have the manual for the Elna Elnita 250. If anyone has a free copy to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  10. I’m looking for a manual for an early 20th century Davis sewing machine. I have one that came with my machine but it’s missing the page on thread tension, and that’s exactly the page I need.

  11. Hi! I was actually looking for a manual for a Domestic 4400 sewing machine. Imagine my surprise when i realized it looks exactly like your Elgin 4400f. Lol thanks for the threading guide that you had posted. Now although i would love a copy of the manual, what i really want to know is if it takes double needles. Thanks in advance for any information provided.

  12. Desperately seeking a users \ operators manual for a YUKI MO-1516H for my mom . Thinking a G may work.

  13. Hi. I am looking for a manual for an old Lincoln sewing machine. I am not sure if it is the brand or model name. Can you help?

  14. Looking for a manual for my mums old Brother sewing machine, Ranger model 661, blue, A371434. Brother’s website say they no longer have it available. Anyone have any ideas where I might be able to find a copy please? I’d like to pass it onto my young niece for the next generation.

  15. Hi, great website, I was wondering if you happen to have the user manual for a White Sewing machine Model 500B, I’ve looked everywhere i haven’t found it. Thanx in advance

  16. I have just been given a Verity sewing machine – think it dates from at least the 1960s ptobably earlier – any ideas where I can get a manual?

  17. My daughter found a Baby Lock Serger BL3-407 @ a second hand store. It is in excellent condition. Not one scratch on it. It’s beautiful. The problem is I have no manual for this Serger. Would like to see how to work it?
    What year would this machine be, and is it worth keeping? Thank you!

    • I obtained a manual for the Baby Lock Serger BL3-407. If anyone out there needs a pdf manual sent to them free…please let me know. (Maria P.G. 7/22/14.)

  18. Today I purchased a 1939 Electric White Rotary(serial #43×85876) sewing machine. It’s in good condition, attachments, bobbins came with machine but no manual instruction book. Please where could I locate a printed copy of the manual. My email address is Thank you!

  19. First of all let me start by saying thank you for offering help with locating manuals. My Husband and I have literally searched from what we can tell the entire internet searching for a manual for a sewing machine sold by jcpenny made in Japan with a penncrest name as well I have a model number of 2601 located on a silver plate under the sewing machine with a serial number under it have you ever heard of this. Can you help me track it down thanks again

  20. I inherited my grandmother’s Atlas Deluxe sewing machine that is identical to your machine, with the exception that her machine folds down into a cabinet and has a knee pedal (instead of foot pedal). Do you know where I can find a manual for this vintage machine? Thanks for any help you can provide.

  21. I am unable to find manuals for my inherited treadle sewing machines which are both Singers, one from each of my grandmothers. One is from a model in 1908 and the other is from 1922. Would so like to locate parts for the 1908 one as well as it does have parts missing.

  22. I have a copy of the Baby lock Serger “Juki” 2 & 3 thread overedging sewing machine manual (INSTRUCTION BOOK) MODEL BL3-407 , if anyone is interested in having a copy. Thank you all for sharing your ideas & information. It’s greatly appreciated!!!

  23. Mike J
    I have a copy of the Baby Lock manual for BL4 -738D but it’s not for a “Proline”. Is there’s any way to send it to you? I can’t email it unfortunately.

  24. Do you happen to have the manuel for the Atlas Precision Deluxe Sewing Machine that you mentioned. I just bought this machine and would like a copy of the manuel if you have it. I would so appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  25. Looking for a manual for an Electro Hygiene (Electro Grand) Model E 90 Sewing Machine. Have not been able to even find a picture of it… any ideas? Thanks 🙂

    • Matt,
      I have a Electro Grand machine I bought in 1970 but it has no model number per se. Instruction manual calls it a Super Deluxe Zig Zag. If you want to send a picture of yours to me, I will let you know if it matches mine. If so, I can copy the manual and email it to you.


      • I have an electro-grand 300 deluxe zig zag # JA16 12623 on lower metal plate
        Under machine in front. Built shortly after WW2. I would love a manual, I will send a pic as soon as possible. Vicki

  26. I have a Morse Deluxe model 1954 without the manual and only a note saying how to thread it , if you could find me a manual that would be really nice thank you

  27. I received my Elnita225i machine when my sister passed away. I am anxious to use the machine but have no instructions or manual, just the machine. I would guess that it is probably at least 10 to 15 years old. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

  28. Help!! I am looking for a manual for Brother Opus 821A… I can not find one anywhere…It is from the early 60’s…Thanks!

  29. I was hoping I might get a copy of the manual for The pink Atlas 151.I can’t find one.I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.Thanks for your blogs.Very interesting.

  30. Hello 🙂 I am looking for a manual for a 1950s Brother model no. 888 if anyone can help please? I would love to know more about it, I believe it’s 1950s and semi industrial machine if anyone else has this lovely (I think it’s duck egg) blue machine I would love to hear from you 🙂
    Thank you
    Sammy 🙂

  31. I just bought a Morse 1000 and do not have a manual.

    The dog feed isn’t working and the stitch selector will not move. I already fixed some other problems but not sure what I am doing. I cannot believe how much oil is on machine!

    I am curious about its age too.

  32. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find a free download of a Universal KAT-2 Sewing Machine? I recently purchased one at my local thrift store, but I’m not familiar with this machine.

    Thanks for your help!!

    • It’s Maria P.G. again! I forgot to say I have a pdf. file manual on hand if anyone would like a FREE copy sent to them for the ”BABY LOCK” SERGER BL3-407.
      “Make it a great day!” Thanks!!!

  33. Hello looking for a manual for a sewing machine that was handed down to me its a Kenmore 158.19312 can anyone help me??? Thank you…

  34. Hello Everyone,

    I am currently vigilantly searching for a digital copy for the BabyLock BL4-738D or BL4-738DF manual. A friend has gifted me this machine but I am having a lot of trouble finding a manual to go with it.

    Any help greatly appreciated please!
    Thanks heaps!

  35. Hello,
    I am trying to find the manual for a Sears Kenmore 158.481 preferably for free. Also Does anyone have a good resource to acquire parts for said machine.

    • Hi Abby,
      I also have a Sears Kenmore 158.481. Any luck finding a manual? I need one as well. I found where you can download one but I don’t want all the spyware that comes with it.

      • Me Three! Would someone pls send me a PDF or an email to contact you? I am unable to contact previous posters here re the manual. My email is anon_tx at yahew.

  36. I have a 100 yr frister and rossman with a boat bobbin. I had to remove it as the cotton thread was bulking up in the bobbin area, and the bobbin wasn’t threading through to the fabric. Now I need to rethread the bobbin and I am stuck lol. Can anyone help with an image? Thank you
    Soap n Things

  37. Can anyone tell me where the oil points are on a Kenmore 120.491 sewing machine? I cannot find a manual for it and it was produced in 1954. This is a strange machine and it appears Sears deviated from standard basic design when they produced this machine. It has a bicycle type chain drive and the motor uses a rubber friction wheel to turn the large drive wheel. I suspect they found this design to be flawed and eliminated it after just a couple of years. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need to find a motor for it also.

    M. Chambers

    • Mr Chamber,
      This is for every sewing machine maintainer except you.
      Start by unplugging the machine, removing the covers and clean all the dust and crud out. WD-40 can be use as a crud loosening cleaning fluid following up with a cloth to clean up loose oil and dirt. An air gun with an extension nozzle can help clean corners joints that you can’t get to. Use a pen light to spot any joints that move, rotate or oscillate when you turn the wheel. Some will have oil holes and some won’t. Also change the thread adjustments while you do this. Add a drop to each spot while rotating the wheel. Wipe up excess oil. Check and equalize your thread tension, adjust stitch length and give it a try. If the machine has not had much maintenance in the past use it for a couple days and the repeat the lubrication. Now… after all that general info that applies to 99% of all machines the important thing about the 120.491 Kenmore is that the manual says to not oil it.Repeat:…Do not oil it!… It uses nylon and bronze bushings. A good cleaning is still a good idea. The next thing to do is to Google your model. There are lots of hits including a you-tube that is good. Duane

  38. Hi Andrea! Yes ! I was so excited when I read your note. I had been checking every time to see see if anyone out there needed the instruction book. I will email you the booklet. I will work on it today. Pls. let me know if it goes through. I actually made 4 hard copies of it also. I’m glad I’m able to help you out! Maria @

  39. Andrea;
    I was trying to send the link over to you, but having trouble sending it through. I will be more than happy to send it by mail to you (The Instruction Manual) for the machine. Please email me your address on MY personal email & I will send it to you after this weekend. Thank you!

  40. Andrea;
    I’m not sure if you had sent your address via my personal email regarding sending you by mail the Instruction manual for the Juki BL3 407. I will be looking out for your email. thank you

  41. Hello – Looking for a manual for a vintage sewing machine manual: Sewmaster 470 by the White Sewing Machine Corp. I you can help me out it would be much appreciated. You can email me at m l pro 53 @ Verizon dot net
    Thank you!

    • @MP – that doesn’t really look like a ‘real’ Kenmore model/part number. Se aother of my posts elsewhere in this thread.

  42. Hello – I’m still looking for the manual for Kenmore 1340281. If I had one I would send you a copy. Do let me know if you find one though…

  43. Hi, I have a 1960’s Free Westinghouse Model 803-A, it’s Japanese made and I can’t find a manual online anywhere, even having to pay for one….Very frustrating..I need a few parts and I don’t know what to call the parts for a parts search either. If anyone has one, please contact me. Thanks so much.

  44. Thank you for this. I have always sewn by hand. I took a quilting class and was surprised that everyone used their sewing machine and that it was required for the class. I inherited an old machine but it is almost 100 lbs and only has a straight stitch. I quickly gave up, quit the class, and put the frustrating machine out of my sight

  45. Okay… This is probably a long shot but I am looking for a manual for my Electro-Grand 400 Deluxe Automatic sewing machine… the numbers engraved on it are JA16 & 28935… I have searched for weeks now and have not found one and I’ve joined multiple groups on Facebook in search of one as well and still no luck… If anyone here can help me I would greatly appreciate it… Oh and I have already tried and they couldn’t help me either.
    Thank you in advance!!!

    • Amber, i don’t know if you will get this message as it has been some time since your post, but did you ever find a manual? i just acquired that same machine and i too need a manual.

  46. I found a manual for a plus 40 year old Kenmore sewing machine at a local repair shop. Owner let me take it home and copy parts I needed since it was a close “match”. Very helpful. A possible source?? Luck to you.

  47. Thank you Janel, I am going to call the local machine shops to see if any of them were the ones to service my machine but the lady we got it from said it hasn’t been serviced since 2007 and has not been used since it was last serviced… it definitely needs a belt but I don’t know what else.

  48. Hello – Just wondering if you have ever come across a manual for a Kenmore 134.0281. I could also use some part for attaching the presser foot. Let me know, Michel

  49. Hey! !Yes…i have one for the brother Opus, it is not for the “A” model,but for the 821, and is very simular! I will send out to you

  50. I need help finding an instruction manual for a 1948 Singer Serial Number JC224205, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  51. I need an owners manual for Kenmore model 158.17033 this has been hard to locate with no luck so far. can you help me with this please. Thanks in advance!

  52. Just retrieved my kenmore 14813101 from my Mothers house. I am missing the manual though. If anyone has it and would like to sell or share it would be helpful.

  53. Lorraine, I have a Kenmore 158.13180 that my sewing machine repairman serviced for me and gave me the manual that he said was closest to this model. I copied the applicable pages and would be glad to make copies here at home to send you to try out. Janel

    • Hi Janel, I just got a Kenmore 158 1212180 & haven’t been able to find a manual. Do you think your’s might work? Sure would appreciate a copy. Can you email it to me? If you can I’ll send my email address. Thanks!!!

      • I don’t know if this manual would work for you, but I can scan and send to your email. I don’t have the entire manual ( returned to repairman), but can share what I do have.

    • Janel iI also have a kenmore model 158. And am stuggling with finding a manual could u please if you still have it send me a copy to see if it would work for me my name is alexandria ellis. Hoping to here back from you thanks in advance

  54. Hi. I’ve inherited my mother’s beloved Sear’s Kenmore 158.17600. It has all the original cams and attachments but I need the manual. Anybody have it or know where to find it I would much appreciate the help! Just knowing any details on this machine would help also. Email is

  55. Hi all, I’ve bought a vintage Brother sewing machine. Its a light blue. Not sure of the model number but i have some numbers off the machine. Im a newbie so really need the manual. Hope someone can help.
    Numbers are:

  56. I am looking for a manual for a vintage Adler overlocker machine. I think it is a 81 – 8s. A thread snapped and i do not know how to re thread it.

  57. Hello I have an old sewing machine instruction manual, would you like it? Frister + Rossman 503, in very good condition. I’d rather not throw it away if it would benefit someone.
    N x

  58. Many Kenmore manuals can be found in the Sears-Kenmore FB group. An explanation of S/K model numbers follows:

    ALL Kenmore sewing machines have a model number that begins with three numbers and then a period. This is the mfgr/source code. It tells us who supplied and sometimes who manufactured the machine. On the machine label you will see what it calls a model number, for example, “158.16012” ON THE MANUAL, HOWEVER, you will see a model number “1601,” Which is derived by dropping the mfgr code and the last digit, which is considered to be a ‘rev’ or version number. For our example, it is rev/version ‘2.’

    ‘Complete’ model number: 158.12551 – Mfgr Maruzen; Model number on manual ‘1255’; rev level ‘1’

    ‘Complete’ model number: 148.19372 – Mfgr Soryu; Model number on manual ‘1937’; rev level ‘2’

    As one can imagine, collisions might occur with this model number abreviation scheme. Two differnt complete model numbers could result in the same abreviated model number. e.g., if there were two machines 158.12551 and 148.12551. I don’t know what Sears did to manage that.

    Kenmore source codes you might see on sewing machines:

    116 – Matsushita
    117 – White
    120 – New Process Gear (frmr Div. of Chrysler)
    148 – Soryu
    158 – Maruzen, which has evolved into what is now Jaguar.
    340 – Necchi
    385 – Janome
    516 – Gritzner Kaiser

  59. I am looking for a white model 528 manual, which seems impossible to find. Any help is appreciate. I just need to know how the cam system works.

  60. I just acquired an old Brother Opus 191. Need a manual. I also have a Fleetwood 767B Deluxe Automatic Zigzag that I needs a manual. Thanks!

  61. I read your post on the Pink Atlas Deluxe sewing machine. As a little girl, being babysat by my grandma, I used to spend time with her – watching her cook, sew and looking at TV novelas (Spanish soap-operas), back when there were only 4-5 channels. When she passed away, the only thing I wanted was her sewing machine (the Atlas). To me, I was the only person in the family who had a connection with her in this particular area of her life (sewing). Needless to say, it means a lot to me to have it. I am very afraid to mess up the machine in any way. Can anyone help with a manual for the machine? I would be very appreciative.

  62. OMG…… Can ANYONE help??!!!!! I am looking for a Kenmore Model #158-353 Manual. I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!! Please if you can help me, I would TOTALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!

  63. I have a kenmore 158.523 i need a manual and cams for if possible help. I also have a 158.13160 i need manual for and a manufacture year would be kewel. Thanx for your help.

  64. I’ve been given a Baby Lock BL3-407 and have managed everything but stitch length !!! Does anybody you have access to a manual please !

  65. Hi. I have a Opus 141 which looks just like the 821. Do you have the manual to share? Found your info on the web. My email is

    To pay it forward, I have manual for a White 675 model machine if anyone needs it. 🙂

    Thank you.


    • Hi! Yes!!! Thank you so much! It helped out a lot! At least the basics! I found no other info on this model and it does say J A 28 on it and some numbers on bottom. It does run pretty quiet and and smoothly. It does need a new belt. Got it for cheap and it seems pretty heavy duty. Hoping it will fit in my cabinet now. Thank you a lot!

  66. Yes, these old guys do run quiet and last forever, with cleaning and maintenance. I love my Brother, it too runs smooth and quiet!!

  67. I need to identify this machine, which I want to use. I need a threading manual and owner’s manual. Can you share and can someone identify it?

  68. Hi. I am in need of a manual for a Brother Galaxie 2015, it was manufactured sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Thanks!

  69. Hi, I am trying to find manual for Elnita 200. I already read your review of Elnita 255 and hope they are similar. Cant use the machine until I buy accessories including bobbins. Thank you!

  70. Hi there. I’m looking for the manuals for two sewing machines:

    #2. Kenmore model 158.13400

    I have the manual for a bernina machine and some individual pages for attachment for my Elna….I don’t have them in front of me right this minute- but, I would be more than happy to contribute copies of them to your collection – I’d needed.
    Thank you, Sheree

  71. Hi! I am looking for a manual for a Atlas Deluxe sewing machine (pale pink). I saw one on Etsy yesterday as a download but was not there today. I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

  72. I found a Kenmore sewing machine model # 148.294. It is in good condition but I know nothing about it. When I try to sew with it. The top thread looks good but the bobbin thread is a balled up mess. Help

  73. Searching for a Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine Manual Model UHT J276. Does anyone know where I can get one “free” without any entanglements? I don’t want to have to subscribe to anything in order to get it.

  74. My husband came home the other day with an old sewing machine. I have tried to find a manual online with no luck. It’s a Good Housekeeper 300 deluxe push button zig-zag made in Japan.On the bottom there is a J-A 16 stamped on it and a plate with 06977. I’ve seen machines online that look just like it but the names are different. Does anyone have any advice please and thank you

  75. Do you happen to have the instruction manual for a Brother Opus 821A? I picked it up second hand for free and cant find the manual anywhere. Thanks!

  76. I am in need of a manual and or threading guide for my grandmothers sewing machine I just inherited. It’s an Universal (Standard Sewing Equipment Corp.) Model 2470. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  77. Looking for manual for my universal KNB SEWING machine S#213461 plate has universal standard equipment corp. W pt. # it has button hole and zig zag feature built n I really need a printable one either paper or pdf

  78. Hi.
    I’m looking for a manual for a
    Necchi national 400b
    I believe it’s also close to a 25 bbs
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advanced

  79. Hello, I have my Mother’s Vintage Nelco Sewing Machine model # FA9801, works perfectly, but I cannot find anything on it, I believe it was purchased between 63’-68’ anything would be helpful.

    Thank You.

  80. Hi! I am looking for a manual for a Brother 1351a. (Not the Opus series; the pretty 2 tone blue one). I’m having trouble finding it online and obviously not on the Brother website. Any help would be appreciated!

  81. Do you have a manual for a Domestic Treddle sewing machine? I believe it is about an 1890 version. The machine closes down into the base and is covered by a hinged board. Although we have one, we are also interested in finding a bobbin

  82. I have looked everywhere for a manual for a Universal Sewing Machine. Model 500. Please help. It is not the Universal Zig Zag Deluxe model, but a more basic model

  83. I need a manual for a vintage Southern Pride rotary machine (048637 are the stamped numbers on bottom front of the machine. I also need a manual for a vintage Universal rotary machine ( SA 50696 are stamped on bottom front of machine). I cant locate anything anywhere else that would possibly be the model numbers other than what I included here. Both machines were made in Japan. They look like the old vintage/ antique Singers.

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