My Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments

Here is my small collection of Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments.  The information provided on each item is based on what I have learned from using each one and from sources on the web.  If I have omitted or provided incorrect information, please let me  know.                                                                                                                                                                            

Singer Buttonholer Part 160506

The templates for this attachment are metal and it makes great professional looking buttonholes.

Additional Singer Buttonholer Templates Part 160668

This Sears Buttonhole Attachment has templates that are made of plastic.  I cannot be sure but this appears to be a complete set. I have not seen another one like this for sale that I can compare it to.

Sears Buttonhole Attachment Part 6785

Next here is the Singer Deluxe Monogrammer, not a terribly hard gadget to find however the templates for this attachment are pretty difficult to obtain.  I have seen them for sale online and always listed individually and at a hefty price which is the reason I only own four of the letter templates and the flower template.  This item is from 1969 and made for the Singer Slant sewing machines and the letters it monograms are 1 1/2 inches high.

Singer Deluxe Monogrammer Part 171276

The Sears Kenmore Monogrammer is for low shank sewing machines, I snapped this one up because from what I understand the templates for the Singer Deluxe can be used on this attachment AND this attachment is for low shank machines.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on this attachment out there but I think this item is also from 1969.

Sears Kenmore Monogrammer

This is such a cool buttonholer, the Professional Buttonholer by Singer makes the following: Straight (for everything), Eyelet -End (for coats, suits, etc.), Purl-Edge (for a hand-sewn finish), Bound (for coats, dresses or suits) and Eyelets (for belts, lacings and studs).  This one is from 1973 and made in Great Britain for Singer Slant sewing machines.  My set came with the 381115 Accessory Plate designed for the 700 and 900 series machines; I have the Singer Touch & Sew 750.

Singer Professional Buttonhole Part 381116

Singer Professional Buttonhole Part 381116

Here is another Singer Monogrammer from 1969 but the difference here to the previous is the size of the letters it monograms. The monogrammed letters end up being 3/8 of an inch high AND this one was designed specifically for the 750 slant series machines.  Also made in 1969 and this set included the 507661 Feed Cover plate.  This monogrammer can be used with other Singer slant sewing machines however, you will need a special Feed Cover Plate in order for it to work.

Singer Monogrammer Part 171256

This is a sample template for  the letter R.

Singer Monogrammer letter disc "R"

This is the placement guide needed that was also included with this mongrammer.

Singer Monogrammer Placement Guide

And here is an extra set of templates sold separately.  I got this set for a few pennies and because I’ve read that the plastic templates eventually wear out.  Will I wear mine out?  Probably not but these are nice to have.

Singer Monogrammer Discs Set Part 171288

I love the look of this “Jetson” clamshell box for this buttonholer.  This is for low shank machines and the templates are interchangeable with my other black SInger buttonholer.

Singer Buttonholer in "Jetson" case for low shank Part 489500 or 489510

Singer Buttonholer in "Jetson" case for low shank Part 489500 or 489510

I recently nabbed this buttonholer for $3.00!  It is similar to my mustard-colored Sears Kenmore 6795 however this one has metal templates and it is made by Greist Manufacturing Company, New Haven Conn.

Sears Kenmore Buttonhole Attachment #206774

This one came with its original manual and based on information on the web dates back to 1956.

I have a few more attachments that I have yet to add to this page but I just have not had time to photograph them.  When I find some time I may do a tutorial on how to use each of these attachments.  🙂

55 thoughts on “My Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments

  1. I am looking for an accessories box and zig zag pressure foot for my Kenmore
    158.10401 Kenmore sewing machine. Where did you get your parts?

  2. Hi Sonia, I love your site. Do you do your own sewing machine repair and maintenance or do you have suggestions for who does good sewing machine repairs. I have a Singer featherweight that needs a tune up.

    • I don’t know if this person found the info she needed, but there are several “you tube” videos and as for the Singer Featherweights, if you choose to do so, please view more than one. I clean my own fleet of vintage machines (16) and most of the older ones are quite simple to maintain/clean. Nova Montgomery has a website for the Singer 221, 222, & 301’s with much valuable information. The most important thing you can do for your machine(s) is to clean them after each project and more if the material is fleece. Should you choose to do your own cleaning, I would recommend you have access to something (phone, tablet, camera to take photos as you go along) a magnetic dish in which to place all parts to eliminate lost pieces. Oil, lube, brushes, and cleaning materials (be careful what is used on the old lacquer of your vintage machines). ALWAYS, test a small spot with your cleaning solvent, away from any decals, so as not to ruin them. Before I begin to clean any machine, I first test its ability to operate and form stitches as intended. BTW, I do this as a volunteer with a local mission store. Most of the issues with the donated machines are internal lint under the feed dogs/bobbin area, lint packed into/on the feed dogs due to oil being added but the area not cleaned properly, thread caught into/around where the bobbin case sits, and at times small pieces of thread caught in the spring on its bobbin case. Many “service manuals” for vintage Singers can be found online and are written, IMO, easy enough to understand. It does take time so if you’ve not much patience and/or are not ‘mechanical’, then it’s best to take to a good SM repair person. Best wishes on your endeavors,

  3. I thought I was the only person in the world that collected old sewing machine accessories. They looked so lonely and unloved in the resale stores plus they were priced as though they had no value! What an insult. So far most of mine are still in boxes so I’ll watch your blog and try to put some of them to use.

    • I know what you mean! Eventually (when I find some extra time) I hope to be able to provide instructions/tutorials (video or photos) on how to use the ones I have pictured on my blog. 🙂

  4. Hello.

    I’m about to be subdued by the accessory fever . my mom have a old sewing machine singer ( its a shame i cant recall the model) I grow up seen her sewing and I learn also. I purchase one for my self the hd-110( the pseudo- industrial/commercial grade.. 60% bla bla bla, PLASTIC machine.) I have seen the few foots/feets that it brings I hoping that those accessories you show work on it ( i would be great! , especially the Monogrammer ). I would love to know if you have lucky with all these accessories.

    • Hi Jackson,

      These old attachments pictured on my blog were made for older model sewing machines as features such as buttonhole, zig zag or other decorative stitches were not included on most sewing machines at that time. Unfortunately, I have never used that type of Singer sewing machine so I am not sure if the vintage sewing attachments would work.

  5. Hello,
    My son knocked over my Atlas sewing machine(still in the case)while helping me redo my sewing room. The telescopic spool pin was bent. Where can I find another one. Can you give me any advice?

    • I think you should search at least in ebay. some time you just get lucky and find just parts or a damage one ( with the part you need) . Good luck with the search

    • Hi Conchita,

      Those type of spool pins are a bit difficult to locate. I would try to straighten it out with some pliers if it is still attached to the machine. I have had some luck in the past with finding vintage sewing machine parts on ebay.

      • I have an Atlas pink that dates back to the early 50. It was my grandmother’s and has never left our family. I have the box which has all of the attachments…. But no booklet for them. Might you know where I could find a booklet defining what each accesory is and how to use them?
        Thanks Dave

  6. Hi- I just got a Kenmore 1914 sewing machine. I have the monogrammer attachment as well as the buttonholer attachment, with instructions, but I can’t figure out how to connect either to my sewing machine. Can you help? Thanks!!

  7. Hi there. Just purchased your Atlas at a thrift store and wondered where I might find zip zag attachments for it…or if you can do that with the Pink Atlas? Thanks much:)

  8. LOVE!!!! I am so stoked there are more people just like me! I learned to sew when I was in single digit years – gotta love inspiring gramas ❤ . I love my old girl – she's a 301 series and used to run like a wild cheetah but started breaking needles and I had to try my luck at a new one -the supposed "Singer little darling" – I can't get it to do anything right! So I'm going back to my old girl, but I can't seem to get the throat plate off to see whats going on under there to break the needles. I too keep an eyeball open in the thrift stores for these old school gems. I got the slant series monogrammer and button holer like you have above last week for $4 each – I didn't realize they were for a slant, so I need to find one of those now-or do you think there is anyway I could adapt it? I doubt it b/c of the "slant". There is an old receipt in the zigzagger box for my old girl Feb. 7, 1957-$14.95 + 30 cents tax. Thanks for appreciating our history and keep on stitch'n ❤

    • Hi Roni,
      Unfortunately there is no way to adapt a slant foot/monogrammer/etc. to a sewing machine with a low/high shank. About your 301, you should ensure you have the proper needle size for it and that the bobbin & bobbin case are snapped in properly. It could also be that the timing on the machine is off; to have it adjusted, I recommend you take it in to a repair tech.

  9. Hi there! Wondering if you know where I can find an Atlas Pink sew machine binder foot? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer me.

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  11. The old Singer buttonholer in the green oval case is the best buttonholer EVER, imo. My mom scored it at a yard sale about forty years ago, and I have used it to make about forty bazillion buttonholes since then. (Including on my wedding dress and my children’s baptismal gown.) It gets the job done first time, neatly, with no fussy adjustments of tension. In four decades I’ve never seen one buttonhole break or unravel, even on the many, many play and church shirts I made for my oldest son and which his all his younger brothers wore after him. I won’t be parted from my buttonholer.

  12. I too am a collector of “professional” buttonhole attachments with cams. But, the one set having a cam that makes a tiny circular baby button hole is the ultimate.

  13. Pingback: Lavender Kenmore Sewing Machine (148.281) – A Review | Stitch Nerd

  14. When searching info on Kenmore monogrammer this was in the results. I have a Kenmore1774. Have seen accessories on ebay, but not sure what is compatable? Is there a resource that informs what was available for each model? Would love to see more tutorials! Thanks.

  15. i have a kenmore 158.19141 sewing machine with the monogram attachment but I cannot get the monogram templates to work. They don’t feed through. Any suggestions?

    • It took me a little while to figure it out too. If you have the manual, follow the all the directions and settings from the manual EXACTLY. The part where I got stuck was I didn’t understand I needed to use the “other” cover (the one with the star-shaped wheel)–but with the middle part removed. It wasn’t very clear in the instructions. Also, do NOT force the template through the monogram tool. It will get stuck and could gouge your plastic template. If it doesn’t feed through from the left very gently and on its own, you may want to check that you have the monogram tool “rewound”, the template letter-side-up, and that you’ve put the right attachments onto the machine correctly. Good luck, and keep trying. You’ll get it soon…if you haven’t already! =)

    • Hello Ladies, I have a monogram attachment for my Kenmore machine…but, no instructions! I just can’t seem to figure out how to attach it to my machine…I can’t find anything on the internet…finding you ladies discussing the monogram attachment is the BEST hope I’ve found…

  16. I have a vintage Kenmore buttonholer attachment in a dark maroon plastic case with 4 metal cams. I acquired it at an estate auction. Unfortunately the instructions are missing. Could I possibly find on line? My new brother is disabled at this time and I am using a 1946 electric. Do uou know if they are compatible. Finishing a dress for my little granddaughter and I really dont want to make buttonholes by hand..

  17. do you know if the singer buttonholer templates (cams) are interchangeable from one singer buttonholer gadget to another buttonholer? meaning, were templates all made to fit into the various buttonholer attachments?

  18. Stitch Nerd, is your Kenmore Buttonholer 206774 for a Kenmore high shank (not Super High Slant Shank) or low shank machine?


  19. Great site. How do I figure out the compatability of attachments with different models of Singer machines? Is there a chart? Thanks

    • Hello Peter, Basically with Singer machines, compatibility is based on if the machine is either slant shank or low shank, with only a few exceptions. The “Touch n’Sew” series uses various cover plates & are slant shank machines, other than that, I have used both Singer & Kenmore low shank attachments interchangeably with great success….my favorite buttonholer it the Singer Professional Buttonholer which I have permanently set up on my Kenmore 158.16520, a low shank machine. I like this butonholer so much, that I also have the slant shank version which Singer also made, & have even given one of these buttonholers to a sewing friend as a gift…I’ve been sewing for 55 years (got my first machine when I was 15 & I just turned 70), and this is the best buttonholer I’ve ever used…regards, Howard

      • Hi Howard, thanks so much for the info – I recently acquired a clamshell case Singer buttonholer and was wondering whether it would be possible to use it with my old Kenmore 385 – I’m going to give it a go! Thanks again.

  20. Hi: I came across your site in my search for what to do with a Sears Kenmore embroidery attachment. It appears to be in excellent condition but I have no idea how it works. I can provide a photo if that might help you.

    This is a very informative site!!

    I have several old Singers and will route through my manuals to see if I can add to your collection. I believe I have the manuals for a Singer 201, Singer 99K Singer 15-90, Singer 411g and Singer Tiny Serger Model TS-380Plus. As you might have noticed I don’t have any Sears or Kenmore sewing machines….

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      There are several sites where you can download this manual for about $8.-9……This is a wonderful monogrammer & so easy to use…as a matter of fact, I recently finished a suit for my sister & using the one flower insert, did a trailing cluster of embroidered flowers coming down from the left shoulder…
      Best regards,

  21. For those who use/have Singer buttonholers, those in the green/green tone boxes are for low shank machines and the ones in the burgundy/pink tone boxes are for slant machines. Thus, for the person that has the Singer 301 (first slant machine made by Singer, 16# machine and the only one with a metal built in handle) it will use the burgundy/pink tone unit. Also, I hope they’ve gotten their machine repaired as I have two of these and they are a lightweight, sturdy, workhorse of a machine with a consistent stitch.
    If cleaned regularly of lint and oiled they will likely outlast us. I clean machines for a local thrift store and lint build up, especially with the newer ‘poly’ threads, can wreak havoc with the way it sews. It is of the utmost importance to clean the lint from under the feed dogs and surround area and not hard to do. Many stores carry a kit with an adapter for a vacuum, that has a small hose and crevice tool that works very nice. Make up brushes and small brushes used on some baby bottles are also a great help for cleaning the lint out. “” has many very good videos on cleaning sewing machines. It doesn’t involve a lot of time, especially once you get the hang of it.
    I love my vintage machines, I’m not into embroidering and 90% of our sewing is straight stitching, so my ‘sweet, older girls’ work great for me and will likely be around after I’m gone.

  22. Hello, I have a pink atlas straight stitch. I was reading about your attachments. I would like a buttonhole, a zig zag, etc. but how do u know which one will fit this atlas machine?
    I would appreciate your input. Many thx

  23. I have a Sears kenmore vintage monogramming 5 piece kit. No idea how old it is. It also has the full alphabet to go with it. It includes a 9 metal buttonhole design attachment and 14 different foot attachments. I believe that 2 are missing from that tray. I have the hard plastic guide that for the letter monogramer and the guide to do the monogramming of the letters. I don’t have any other paperwork at all. The case is a hard plastic and the is green. Could you please tell me more about this and what it might be worth?

  24. Hi am Aaron Blaize looking to start up a small business in Dominica in the Caribbean…..I want to open a sewing machine repair shop and to help supply part and needles….I can be contacted by phone. ..17672770838 or by email ..I would like to get a perdner to supply the parts for the verious machine. ..
    Aaron Blaize

    • …I am not familiar with this buttonholer, but I have been using the Singer Professional Buttonholer, set up permanently on my low shank Kenmore, for years….it makes the best button holes ever with sizes ranging to well over one inch, both straight & keyhole along with the template for bound buttonholes. I see mostly the Singer slant shank version on E-Bay, but once in a while a verticle, low shank version pops up, which is what I have on my Kenmore…the templates are plastic, but they work just fine………….

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