13 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Reviews (on my small collection)

  1. I’ve been looking at Singer Featherweights for quilting. Today, a friend gave me her mother’s old Sears Kenmore 158-10302. I knew nothing about this machine but am absolutely delighted with the size, weight, and fact the feed dogs can be lowered – what a little beauty she is! And now, bonus, I found your sight! Thanks. Very informative . Do you know what the differences are between this model and the 158-104? They appear to be the same. Also, while the machine has come to me with its case and accessories (yay!), the owner’s manual was not included. I was hoping you might be able to help me as I’m not sure what places to oil. It sorta sounds like the timing is a little off, too, and the straight stitch is a little wonky, not straight. Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any insight or answers you might be able to give. Thanks.

  2. hello sir. i have a pink Atlas deluxe with the original case and latching bottom.
    What is this machine worth?
    Thanks, Naomi Skinner

    • Hi Naomi,

      I am not able to put a price on my own sewing machines so I cannot possible know what your machine is worth. If you are wanting to sell, for example on ebay, the only thing I can advise is to list if for the least amount of money you are willing to receive for it.


    • Por favor necesito saber donde trae el motor la maquina kemoor 1560, ella es muy suave y facil de manejar aparte de hermosa pero siento que está muy dura, tengo que darle a la rueda para que arranque y sigue cosiendo normal, he pensado que pueden ser los carbones que están desgastados pero no le encuentro el motor, aparte de que mi máquina viene con mueble y está totalmente sellada y pegada firmemente al mueble, mi correo es mujervirtuosa82@gmail.com para quien tenga la gentileza de responderme

  3. I just picked up a 1949 singer 15-91 today and have had a few problems.. nothing too bad, just having a heck of a time zeroing in on the tension… with no instruction manual I was in the dark…so thanks so much.. I popped in here by accident ( best one i’ve had ) and you sent me to the singer support …. still a little wonky on the tension … but at least I know we’re to go… lol …. thanks so much

  4. Hi!
    Great site!
    Question re: Kenmore 148 15600 . How do you regulate straight stitch length? My straight stitch seems more like a single line stretch stitch I.e. two stitches forward then one stitch back…. but the stitch is so close to next stitch I really cannot see it well. Knob settings??? (No manual yet but when new computer arrives I will print one out. ) machine just serviced and purchased at reputable. ..guess I go back….

    Suggestion to All: when making a threading video, please also include knob uses, and use different colored threads top and bottom . Some people use a tan thread against tan machine and thread is difficult to see. Use thin metal pointers and not fingers to indicate area of teaching. Thanks.

  5. hELLO THERE, recently I bought a sewing machine Sears Kenmore 1560, at good will for 10.00..it came with no attachments or book…Well, im here to tell you I figured it all out from on line, but one problem seems to be that im not too sure how to get it off zig zag stich..it has a zigzag foot attached and I need to get another foot for it but will that fix the prob lem and let me sew straight lines…(mind you I am brand new to the sewing machine world except in jr high, and it think it was the same machine !!! ). could you plz give me the numbers of all three dials and what to put them on…the top dial is confusing, p.s 3 weeks berfore I found this machine I bought a brand new one at walmart (singer) and I have a feeling this old thing will be much better..I love it..and how do I purchase a book?

  6. I have a Atlas Deluxe, model # 6A Very very old! It belonged to my x husband’s great grandmother. Can you tell me anything about it?

  7. I love the detail you give in your reviews. I am researching about three vintage machines, and much appreciate the time and thoroughness you shared. Happy sewing!

    Olympia, Wa.

  8. I have a 1040 and a 1753. Addiction to vintage sewing machines started! Do you know the difference between the 1751 and 1753? Thanks!

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