My Vintage Sewing Tools

Will be adding to this page very soon!

9 thoughts on “My Vintage Sewing Tools

  1. I recently found a Sears Kenmore Monogrammer (as shown in your Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments) as an “extra” in a box lot that I bought at auction. Is there any monetary value to this? Awaiting your reply.

  2. Just bought a hardly-been-used Janome Vogue Stitch model 694FA for $5 with the great vintage original case and Styrofoam it came with to keep machine in place in the carrier-that looks like a 50’s suitcase! Got it home and it ran so great I almost cried! Then, silly me-I ran all the bobbin thread out and like a nut pulled the thread out on the top of course without taking a photo of how to thread it back properly. So, got the bobbin down–but something isn’t right. It won’t get started. It came without a manual!!! AUGH!! Where can I get one? Thoughts?

    • Hi Rhonda,

      Most sewing machines (especially vintage ones) have similar threading. You may want to take a look at the different threading guides I posted here. You will notice that they look very similar, except for the overlock machine. Finding a manual for that specific machine may be nearly impossible but you may be able to get by with a manual for a similar sewing machine. Can you provide a photo of your machine? One of us, a Stitch Nerd reader or myself may know of a similar machine.

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