168 thoughts on “Juki Baby Lock BL3-407

  1. Hello, So glad to have found these posts about the Babylock BL-3-407 I have had this serger for many years it came without a manual and have had no problems. Lately the tension is off and from my research it looks like the differential feed. Unfortunately I don’t know how to adjust that. Can anyone help me , perhaps sharing the manual?

  2. Hola estimados y estimadas soy de Chile, mi Sra. extravió el pedal en un cambio de casa, uds. podrán ayudar para conseguir uno de esta tremenda maquina.

  3. Used to have one of these fun little machines, and it did come with the manual. I really regret that I let it go to someone who told me later that all they did was let it gather dust!?

  4. I know this is a very old chat, but is there any chance that you saved a digital copy of that manual that you could share?!?!? I had the manual, then my daughter started sewing and its gone . . .

  5. I wish I could help you on any of the above but I cannot because I’m learning myself. The width adjustment on my machine is frozen and won’t budge for me nor the burly repairman so mine is immovable. Can I ask you where you located a rolled hem plate? Is it an online source?

    Good luck with it – one of my first projects was napkins I gave as gifts to my family last Christmas 😉 I felt all fancy shmancy!

  6. It is now January 2021. I can’t believe I am so lucky as to find a resource that dates back to 2011 (or prior) and has posts as recently as last month! It is a gift!

    I purchased a used BL3-407 several months ago and only recently have I taken time to play with it. I want to make some rolled hem napkins.

    I do have a manual and have reviewed the BIGHT WIDTH ADJUSTMENT — but haven’t dared to disassemble — too soon, lol. I’m not so good with illustrations.

    But after reading many posts online, I am confused.

    A. I have located a rolled hem plate —- but it is $35 so don’t want to invest if not necessary. Is it necessary?

    B. I have also understood that, in general, a wooly nylon thread in one or both loopers will fill the empty space between stitches. True?

    C. Lastly — is adjusting the BIGHT WIDTH really the answer? Wherever it is set now, it’s a pretty narrow row of stitches.

    So is it A, B, C, or ALL of the ABOVE?

    I have been researching this for hours. All of your input will be greatly appreciated. I am so anxious to start these napkins………

    Lastly, as a token of my appreciation of your assistance, I’d be happy to send you a paper copy of my BL30407 if you like 🙂

  7. Hi there, I have this amazing little machine and up until recently it was working beautifully. However, it started dragging the fabric underneath… so I replaced the bottom knife which had some damage, this has not helped….does anyone have any ideas as I am lost without it. xxx

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  9. I’d be super happy if someone has the Manuel to the BL3-407 Baby lock. Email a PDF file or the likes.

  10. I am in need of a baby lock bl3-407 manual. I have followed the threading diagrams but the lower thread breaks right away and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any help appreciate!

  11. Hi,
    I am going to attempt to make some masks with my now deceased mom’s old Baby Lock BL3-417 (not 407) serger. I just cleaned it up, replaced the needle but have no idea how to thread it. The picture on the machine itself is not legible. Does anyone have a manual? If so, can you email me the picture of the threading instructions? Thank you!

  12. I’ve just inherited my mom’s baby lock BL3-407 serger. If it does not start sewing when I press on the foot feed, do I have a problem? or is there a switch somewhere to turn on the power?

  13. I know this is a long shot but….If you still have access to the PDF of the manual for this machine, I would love to have one. I just purchased one at a thrift store and my local appliance store cleaned it and got it running. A manual would be awesome! ameliabrivera AT gmail

  14. Hi Randy , I just got an email from a lady I sold an Baby Lock BL3-407 and she emailed me looking for the manual , if you can still and are offering the PDF
    I would appreciate that so much , thanks Andrew . email kiwiartz@outlook.com

  15. I have the juki baby lock DL3-406…but the material isnt feeding through…please help as i have no instruction manual

  16. Hello. Please I’d love to have a PDF copy of the juki babylock bl3-407 overlook machine. Thanks in advance, Onyinye

  17. Randy, if you still have the PDF file for the BabyLock serger (BL3 407) I would SO appreciate a copy! My e-dress is jodishere@hotmail.com.
    I just read on and see that you’ve been getting a lot of contacts from people like me. I hope you’re not too tired of us to take on one more! God bless, Randy!

  18. Hey Randy, I’d be so gratefull if you can send the copy to me as well!

  19. Hello StichNerd.

    I see this thread keeps coming up on searches.

    Do you still have a PDF copy of the user manual for the BL3-407? If so. Would you be so helpful to email me a copy please? My email is munecito2002@hotmail.com.

    Thanks in advance from Australia.

    Kind regards.

  20. Hi Stitch Nerd~
    Love the name 😊
    I just came across your posting while searching for a manuel for the BL3-407 that I recently inherited. If possible may I please get a copy emailed to me too. I’m excited to use it but intimidated when I look at it 🤤 If you still have the file and dont mind my email is xosunbunixo@gmail.com.
    Thank you so much.
    Yvette ☀🐇

  21. Hi there, I have just picked up the Babylock BL3 – 407 from my friend and she doesn’t have the manual.
    I would really appreciate a PDF of the manual emailed to me please. Thank you in anticipation – Chris Fischer from Australia. My email address is
    Thank you so much !

  22. Dear Angie, I just bought the Juki serger Bl3-407. I love antique machinery. I am trying to get hold of the manual.. I would be so thankful if you could send me a PDF copy. Thanks a million!!!


  23. Do you have a manual for the Baby Lock 418 that you would be willing to share? I just purchased one but unfortunately no manual. I would greatly appreciate it. (Camilleewell@gmail.com)

  24. I have just been given an old baby lock BL3-407 however it came without a manual. I have no idea how a serger works so I have no idea where to begin. If someone could help with a manual I would really appreciate it. Glad to pay for good pdf or whatever.
    Pat Cunnington

  25. I have the Baby Lock BL-407 and also am in desperate need of the manual. If anyone can send me a copy, I will happily pay. karenstimson at gmail dot com.

  26. Hi there, just came across this site and like many others have a Baby lock BL3-407 and don’t have a manual. If it’s not too much trouble could you please email me a copy to mattandjodes@clear.net.nz Thanks in advance. Cheers Jodie

  27. I have messed up the order of adjusting the tongue lever and stitch width, and now I can’t get the stitch finger and tongue lever to connect so that I can widen the stitch. Can you help?

  28. Randy, I hope is not to forward of me asking for a copy of the manual 4 years after you posted your original comment.
    I live in Colombia and is very difficult to obtain anything like that here.
    Thank you

  29. Hi, I too would love a email copy of the manual bl3-407, and thank you for sharing your with all.

  30. I’ve been kindly given a baby lock BL3 407 but am desperate for a manual . Could somebody please either send me a copy of point me in the right direction to obtain one .
    Thank you

  31. Hello, my friend, has a BL3-407 that she uses for every thing. She received it second hand. She is in her 70’s, and she brought it out to my house to look at it. She broke a needle and now it will not chain correctly. The machine is threaded right we have the instructions on doors for that. I sew myself and clean my machines..Hers does not have a manual and I cannot find anything on line for trouble shooting without a manual. May I ask if someone could email a copy of the manual. Ms. Ginny would really appreciate this. She is just a sweet soul.
    Thank you Deb

  32. Hi Sandy, if your offer for a set of instructions is still on the table I would really appreciate whatever you can send to me. A pdf file would be great or world doc. My email address is batoz@arach.net.au. With many thanks and much gratitude for your generous heart. …Babs

  33. Hi, I would like to have the copy of the manual too. Could you please email it to me. Really need it and appreciate it.

  34. Dear Sandy, I would appreciate a copy of the instructions. I live in Perth, Australia and teach a Dressmaking class in a local womens prison. Our ladies would dearly love to be able to use the Juki BabyLock BL3-406 Serger, however we are missing the instruction book. We would be most grateful if you could share a copy of the instructions with us. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  35. Dear Stitchnerd, I teach a dressmaking class in a local womens prison. I am desperately trying to find instructions for our dear BabyLock BL3-406. I would be very grateful if you have any instructions that you can share with me. PDF file sent via email would be so helpful to our women. Thanking you in advance.

  36. I just acquired one of these machines at an estate sale. No manual. And I can’t find one. If you could please forward a pdf to me I would be so grateful. Glenda in Texas

  37. Oh wow!! If you don’t mind I would like for you to see if you can find out how to unlock the wheel on this. Or i can send you my email and you can send me the file. I absolutely love my machine..

  38. I have the babylock bl3-407 and a friend of mine has the same one. Her wheel has locked up on hers and she can’t figure out how to unlock it.. any suggestions? I can’t find my manual to look to see if it has a fix.

  39. Hi,I would really appreciate if someone could send me a copy of a manual for my BL3-407,I’m in the UK so if it could be emailed that would be amazing.
    Many thanks in advance.

  40. Hi I know this is an old post, but wondering if you still have PDF file available for BL3-407 as I have lost mine.
    Am wanting to know how to change stitch width and roll hem. Can you please let me know if this is possible.
    Thank you so much

  41. I know this is QUITE old but I have a complete manual for the baby lock BL3-407 if anyone still need it email me at shan.hibbens@gmail dot com

  42. Hello. I couldn’t find your response. It’s possible I deleted it in a mass deletion. Sorry. I get too many emails on my aol. Account.

  43. Hi I have a similar issue to one that was posted, how do I know what the tension is if it doesnt have numbers on the tension dial???? I do not have a manual so I can’t exactly reference to it…. HELP PLEASE! gac1992@Yahoo.com THANKS in Advance!

  44. Hi everyone! My mom has a BabyLock BL3-406 and she said that her thread somehow couldn’t intertwine like it should when she sews.
    The machine is moving just that it doesn’t not stitch to the fabric. Thank you so much for reading my question and i really hope you could reply.

    Thank You!

  45. like most people here, i acquired a babylock BL3-407 without the manual. i would appreciate a PDF of the manual if you still have one. thank you

  46. Hello, I have just acquired a BL3-407 and although it runs well on the narrow 2 and 3 thread stitches it only does a narrow width or rolled overlock. Could you please send me a copy of the mabual like you did earlier to lekpenyong@yahoo.com . i would be eternally grateful. Thanks

  47. Hi there. I know this is super delayed but if you guys still had a copy of the manual? I was hoping to ask if you could email it to me? >_< I wish to sew up some clothes for my future kids and want to learn how to use the BL3-406. I gather it would be like the 407

    If possible please email to nova.hoho at gmail

  48. I just inherited a BL3-407 and would really appreciate a copy of the manual 🙂
    I almost have it up an working, but feel that I haven’t figured out all some details to get it up an running 100%

  49. I am needing a manual for the Juki BL3-407. My grandmother in law just gifted it to me. Thankfully it was still threaded. But I have no clue as to what or how to change the tension or what all I can do with it. ( she didnt cover it at all and the serger was covered in years of dust and I have spent 2 days now cleaning it up. and noticed that there is no numbers on the nobs so I have no clue what number they are on) HELP! ray_sheri@yahoo.com

  50. Hi, I’m having trouble with my Baby Lock EA605, the overedging stitch works, but not the chain stitch or the interlocking stitch. I have it threaded correctly, or so I think, the pictures are hard to get as the manual is discolored from age.

  51. Good evening!
    I just came into ownership of a baby lock ea 605. I’ve threaded it but…
    I don’t know if I threaded it in the correct order. According to the manual i found, it shows only 2 threads but I have 4 spools and tension wheels. I am new to serging and do not want to damage this machine before I even start.
    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
    Michelle Jensen

  52. I’ve just been given a Juki Babylock overlocker (BL3-406) without the manual. I doubt it can be too different from the BL3-407.
    I came across this post, and would be very grateful for an emailed copy if you still have it available.
    Many thanks


  53. Just wondering if those who needed the manual for BL3-407 serger still need one. I have the 407 that I bought new in 1983 and it’s been quite reliable. Also have the manual. Recently acquired a model 418 from a girlfriend when I called to ask her if I could borrow her serger while I had mine serviced. She said, “You can have it!” What?! I offered to pay her for it but she wouldn’t hear of it. I didn’t get a manual with it and suppose I can ask her if she can locate it. But, the lower looper threads so much easier than the model 407 and it has out-front stitch width adjustment that I can pretty much fake anything else–meaning do it like the 407. Would be happy to try to get the 407 manual to anyone who needs it. Let me know. Pollie (greenpsme@gmail.com)

  54. Hola mi madre compro una maquina babyl lock BL3-407 de ocasion y no viene con el manual. Podrian enviarlo si alguien lo tiene. Muchisimas Gracias

  55. Hi really like your site… I was wondering if I sent you a postage paid envelope could I get a copy of the instructions for a Kiki baby lock BL3 407, please?
    Thank you,
    Kirsten Edge
    760 417 2532
    fiveonedge@ gmail. Com

  56. I have a Juki Baby Lock Serger (BL3-407) that I’d like to sell — how much is it worth?

  57. Dear Randy,
    I saw your post and would be very grateful if you would be able to email me a copy of your BL3 407 manual, I have just bought an old one without a manual and would really appreciate your help.
    Many thanks,

  58. Hi Sue my translations here, but I’m not so good at English eh. Im sorry.
    Hello Hellos
    Sonia and I tell you that I bought my baby lock BL4.605 and I’m happy, it’s my first serger machine that I bought, and I was lucky that this. Brand new, came with their knives, needles, oil, and practice and more or less have calibrated the tension of the thread, the thread it is simple by having her figure where the direction of the threads shown on the internet I read that placing wires di different colors will make it easier to identify me where I should adjust or release tension, only now achieving yet not spend your time …… Sonia bblock know if I can do the rough pole ie a stitch something like a coating?
    Thank you and all who love having cute holiday bblock

  59. Hola Holas¡
    Sonia te cuento que ya me compre mi baby lock BL4.605 y estoy feliz, es mi primera maquina remalladora que me compro, y he tenido suerte por que esta. Nuevecita, vino con sus cuchillas, agujas, aceite, ya practique y mas o menos he calibrado la tensión del hilo, el enhebrarlo se hace sencillo por que tiene su figura donde se muestra la dirección de los hilos, en internet leí que colocando hilos di diversos colores se me hará mas fácil identificar donde debo ajustar o soltar la tensión, solo que ahora por el momento no logro dedicarle tiempo……Sonia tu sabrás si con la bblock puedo hacer bastas de polos es decir alguna puntada algo parecida a una recubridora¿
    Gracias y a todas las amantes de las bblock que tengan lindas fiestas ¡¡

  60. Hola Sonia, no hay duda que eres una experta en este tema, precisamente yo quiero coser con tela knit o tela de punto, y lo que no quiero es que se me ondule, es decir que no se me estire la tela y no quede con ondas, según te entiendo la magia esta en regular la tensión que me imagino son los botones ( 3, 4 o 5 botones según tenga la babylock) y con eso listo ? ……yo si soy novata con estas maquinas y con la costura tambien, pero aprendo rápido, por favor solo dame un ejemplo mas de como regular la tensión en esta tela 🙂 , y una ultima cosa : no debería también regular el prénsatelas ? o en que casos debo hacerlo ?
    Una vez mas Muchas Gracias 🙂 🙂 ¡¡¡¡

  61. Que bueno que mi blog lo ha ayudado. Claro, si gusta mandar el manual yo lo puedo distribuir aqui.

    Sabe, eso del differencial en las maquinas de casa no me ha convencido. Yo coso en maquina overlock industrial y no tiene transporte diferencial. Mis maquinas Juki Baby Lock overlock de casa tampoco lo tienen.

    No le he investigado mucho, pero lo que yo entiendo, es que esta caracteristica en las maquinas de casa ayuda a no estirar las telas de knit, y tambien ayuada a fruncir o apretar la costura de la tela.

    Las maquinas como estas Juki Baby Lock que hemos mencionado aqui, no tienen esta caracteristica porque son mas viejitas. Esto del differencial es algo mas reciente. Me imagino que lo incluyen en las maquinas mas nuevas porque muchas personas temen moverle a las 3, 4 o 5 selectores de tencion que tienen las maquinas de antes.

    En mi opinion, si uno sabe coser, lo del diferencial no se necesita. Hay manera de no estirar la tela al coser por medio del ajuste de la tencion. Claro que ajustar las tenciones no es facil porque hay que probarlo cada ves que va a coser y tambien uno tiene que tomar encuenta lo grueso de la tela. Ademas, si uno necesita fruncir la orilla de la tela para risarla o porque va a unir la manga con la blusa, eso se puede hacer en una maquina sencilla haciendo dos costuras en línea perpendicular y con puntadas largas para fruncirla lo necesario.

    Tal vez muchos no esten de acuerdo conmigo pero yo coso de todo y sin transporte diferencial; sacos, vestidos, blusas, camisetas, piel y nunca me a hecho falta.


  62. Muchas gracias Sonia ¡¡ realmente he tenido suerte al encontrar este blog, y ayudarme con la consulta que hice, entiendo perfectamente lo que me explica ya me anime a adquirir una de ellas para realizar mis polos’ ropa de bebe, poleras, etc ojala venga con su manual ya que según puedo leer muchas no lo tienen, si lo consigo y te ayuda tenerlo para auxiliar a otras personas como yo, te lo paso si…
    🙂 .una consulta mas tu sabes como se trabaja con transporte diferencial en estas máquinas¿¿

  63. Hola,

    No se escribir en espanol muy bien pero alii te va. En estas dos maquinas, cualqiera esta bien la blanca or la verde porque las dos son de quatro hilos y no hay gran diferencia entre las dos. La maquina azul que esta en mi blog es de tres hilos; esto es solamente para costurar la orilla de una prenda y la costura no es segura. La maquina Blanca o del tablero verde que mensionas es de quatro hilos. Con cuatro hilos, puedes coser una blusa por ejemplo, y no se te va a descoser porque con esta costura es como si estubieras cosiendo en una maquina de aguga sensilla y tambien estas limpiando la orilla de la tela. Este tipo de maquina es ideal para coser ropa de tela que le llaman knit o interlock (tela como de camiseta).

    Ojala lo explique bien.

  64. hola, compre hace mas de dos meses una BABY LOCK BL3-407, necesito saber donde se le coloca el aceite y que tipo de cuchillo usa por que el que tiene esta muy oxidado, por favor alguien me puede enviar por favor por correo el manual de instrucciones de esta maquina., mi correo es LISSIE.LUNA@HOTMAIL.COM, muchas gracias de antemano.

  65. hace dos meses le compré a mi consuegra una maquina baby lock bl 3 407, pero necesito saber donde se le coloca el aceite y que tipo de cuchillo usa ya que esta muy viejito y ya no tiene filo , no se de que año es, pero hace una puntada magnifica, por favor si alguien tiene el manual me lo puede enviar a mi correo por favor : lissie.luna@hotmail.com

  66. holas, por favor ustedes que son conocedoras de los babylock, quiero adquirir una y encuentro estos dos modelos, EA-605( color verde el tablero ) y BL4-605 ( color blanco) cual es mejor por favor, la quiero para remalle de polos y si saben que mas se puede realizar con estas babylock le agradeceré me lo comenten, mil gracias ¡¡¡

  67. Hi Janet,

    I know I am not ready to part with my machine. There are a about 3 of this blue model on ebay up for bid, as well as 3 of the green (4 thread) machines. I typed “baby lock serger used” on the search box.

  68. Hi, you all. I’m looking for a BL3-407 Baby Lock serger. Please let me know if any or you wants to part with your working machine. thanks a lot.

  69. I bought this from garage sale.
    No manual.
    how to change this machine from over edge to double chain stitch? I could not locate gauge margine or crank lever

    also this machine skips stiches here and there how to fix that?

  70. I have a singer stylist that I use very little. It was working fine the last time I used it, but now when I got it out to sew it won’t complete even one stitch. Any advice? Thanks. Pati

  71. I recently bought a EA-605 Babylock. I have no problem overedging but when I try and introduce another strand of thread to overlock, it wont work. The manual says to switch on some sort of lever, but I ca’t find that. Can anyone help?


  72. Even WITH the manual, which is not helpful, I ask HOW to adjust stitch width for pattern stitches on a Baby Lock? Heirloom stitch,on linen. Got it right, only once, after much hit / miss, so no way to write it down. I get width at 7 and length at 3.5, but when I try the heirloom stitch, it reverts back to smaller size.

    Thanks in advance to any and all!

  73. HOW to adjust stitch width for pattern stitches on a Baby Lock? I HAVE the manual and it is not helpful. Heirloom stitch,on linen. Got it right, only once, after much hit / miss, so no way to write it down. I get width at 7 and length at 3.5, but when I try the heirloom stitch, it reverts back to smaller size.

    Thanks in advance to any and all!

  74. Hello, I first wanted to comment on what a great looking site you have! I have a few vintage machines myself and just think that they work so much better and harder than the new ones. (even though they are a bit heavy to move around!!) . I wanted to see if I could possibly get a copy of the manual for this little guy, I am finally getting to set up my sewing room and dug out all of my machines and this is the only one that I am having trouble with. Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

  75. That would be so great if you could!!! I appreciate it so much, my serger has been sitting for two weeks now!!! Diane


  76. Is there a way I could get a copy of this PDF as well? I am having the hardest time figuring this out!

  77. Hi Randy,

    I have read your post and understand that you may have a manual for the BL3-407 machine. I remember when my mother bought this machine brand new in the 80’s and I grew up sewing on it. She has since passed it on to me and I use it when ever time allows for me to do sewing projects. However, over the years I have moved very often for my career (construction management) and have managed to misplace the manual some time back. I am needing to change the stitch plates and have forgotten how since it is not something I do very often. Is there a way I could get copy of the manual for this machine as well. Please let me know what you would require for me to get a copy of that manual. Thank you for your assistance with this matter, I very much appreciate it. If there is anyone else out there who could assist me with getting a copy of this manual, I would appreciate that too. Thank you to everyone!!

  78. I purchased a juki babylock ea-605 at an auction over the weekend with no threading chart/guide/owners manual…. I thought I got a really good deal on it. However the deal really doesnt matter if I cant even run it. Ha! Could you e-mail me a manual?

  79. Can you please send me the baby lock bl3 407 manual to my email.
    I bought the machine a few weeks ago but I had some problems with the needle.
    PLease help me!, THANKS A LOT

  80. I’m in need of the manual for bl3-407 pdf copy would be great been looking forward to finally getting to use my machine please email me a copy any help pleasethank

  81. I would be grateful if you are still able to provide a PDF copy of this manual. My mother-in-law dug this out of the closet and can’t remember how to use it and can’t find anyone at Joann’s that has the know-how to thread and use it.

    If you do, please email to kellynair AT hotmail DOT com.

  82. Hi…I just bought a juki bl 3-407 off ebay..it didn’t have a book with it or anything. Could you please tell me what kind of needle it uses and where to get them online and a replacement knife/cutter for it also? Thanks for any help you can provide! Rhealene

  83. I have this same machine except mine has a 407D on it. Any info?? I can’t figure it out for anything. Would love to know how to use it. If I could het a good copy of manual I would gladly pay for it. Thanks so much!

  84. I too am looking for a manual. A friend was moving and gave me the same machine (BL3-407) and the manuals that I found online are net legible. Could i bother you to send me a pdf as well…dying to use this little machine.

  85. Randy I have been desperately searching for the manual for my Baby Lock EA-605 and BL3-407. I would be forever grateful if you could email me a copy of the manual. I’ve found some places online that sell copies of them. But in the past, when I’ve purchased those they were pretty horrible black and white copies that were sometimes unreadable :/

    Please let me know if you could email me the manual. Thanks a million!
    DianaHuynh @ Clear dot net

  86. Hello, I have this machine and it worked after I had the technician fix it but now after threading it on my own, it doesn’t work anymore. It runs, though but doesn’t stitch. Should I bring it in to a different technician? Thanks!

  87. Hi Valerie,
    Explaining how to change the stitch width on this machine is not as simple as one might assume. You really need to have a copy of the machine’s manual in front of you. I will contact you via e-mail.

  88. Hi!

    Could ANYONE please explain how to change the stitch WIDTH? I’m going on 4 months now with my machine at the thinest setting and can’t seem to find anyone who will explain this one small detail to me so I can use my it.

    Thank you so very much, in advance!!

  89. Oooh, would you be able to describe how to change the stitch width on this machine? I’m still trying to figure it out.
    Found a couple of sites boasting about having manuals in .pdf format for sale but they turned out to be dead ends and I really haven’t been able to use it since it’s set to the lowest width and I have some heavier knits.

  90. You would be an absolute idol to me if you could!! I still haven’t figured it out and, since it’s set to the lowest setting I haven’t been able to use it yet.

    Email is valerie.r.archer @ gmail

    It seems like it runs great. I’m sure your wife will love it 🙂

  91. Were you able to get the information you needed? I just bought a BL3-407 at a yard sale with the manual. If you still need the information I could copy and send you a PDF file of it. I don’t know anything about these machines but I was told it was complete and works well. I hope I’m not in trouble with my wife, but I figured the six spools of thread that came with it were worth the $5 I paid, and it does look in excellent shape. I hope she can figure out how to use it with the manual, she’s a novice seamstress. Let me know about the manual.

  92. There aren’t many of these around!! I have the BL3-407 as well. I got it back in the late 70’s and it has never failed me. I haven’t sewn anything in about 25 years but decided to dig it out tonight and clean it up. It still looks like new! I have the manual as well so shouldn’t have any trouble oiling it and making it ready to make some dresses for my little great granddaughter. I so LOVE this machine!! Almost bought a Singer Serger last week but I think this oldie will do the job just as well! Sure glad to see someone else has one of these wonderful little sewing machines!

  93. Ooooh! I just received this serger (BL3-407) from a friend who was cleaning out her mom’s house. It doesn’t have a manual but I have managed to figure out everything EXCEPT how to adjust the stitch width. I’ve been looking online and I came across your post here and was wondering if you could tell me?

    Thanks in advance! =^_^=

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