Helpful Images

Singer 750 Bobbin Winding

Singer 750 Bobbin Winding 

Sewing Machine Shank Sizes

Sewing Machine Shank Sizes

Upper Tension Unit Assembly

Upper Tension Unit Assembly – many Upper Tension Units have similar parts to this diagram

4 thoughts on “Helpful Images

  1. Most sewing machine needles have a flat side on the top. This is always opposite where you thread the machine. For instance, if the needle is to be threaded from the right, the flat side of the needle goes to the left when you insert it. The sergers almost always use a needle with a completely ROUND top that is inserted up into the machine. They are threaded from the front. Hope this helps.

  2. Carol,
    Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated, yet I must say I have a Babylock and yes the needle is round at the top. Your info on it threading through the front is most helpful but I ask you does the cutout part of the needle go in the front also or in the back.

    Thanks again,

  3. I have a Kenmore that starting sewing backwards. A time back after not using it for a while the motor would run but the moving parts (the wheel with the belt) did not. I removed the wheel and when I did, I heard a thump like a spring or something disconnect but went on and got the moving parts to going. I thought I put it back together but now when I try to sew the material comes out forward and not to the back. The reverse switch is loose and that seems to be the disconnect that I heard. Now I can’t figure out what to do. Really don’t want to buy a new machine. Can you help me?

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