Hello, my name is Sonia. I grew up surrounded by industrial sewing machines, cutting tables and clothing production.  Naturally, I am obsessed with sewing machines, fabric, sewing tools, and notions.

I sew only for myself; sometimes with patterns and other times without.
Sometimes my sewing projects look good and other times, not so much but I keep sewing because I love it.

What else…oh yea, I have a bit of a thing for vintage sewing attachments and colorful mechanical sewing machines.  Photos of my small collection can be viewed here on my blog, just click on the highlighted links.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with the Stitch Nerd!

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  1. Hi Sonia, i loved your collection of vintage attachments. Could you give me an item number or any other info about your Kenmore monogrammer? I just need to find one. Do you know of any others that will fit a low shank machine?

    • Hi Lorraine & thanks! This is the only low-shank monogrammer that I have ever come across and the reason I purchased right away. However, I believe that Greist also made one for all the different shanks but I have not seen one for sale yet. If you are looking for this one, I would suggest contacting SearsPartsDirect, they still sell many parts for their old kenmore sewing machines. I did a search on there for the only identifying number on the box but it turned up nothing so you may need to call them. The box this attachment came in says Sears Kenmore Monogrammer and the only identifying number on it is a stamped small 20 then 6771, the box also says For The Custom Touch in Sewing. Good luck, I hope you find one soon. 🙂

      • I have the Kenmore (20) 6771 monogrammer as well but it only came with one flower template. I’ve tried to find the alphabet templates to go with this one but only seem to be able to locate another monogrammer instead. I even ordered a set off Goodwill that has the complete set but it is for either a high shank or slant shank so it won’t work. I tried the Sears site as well only to be told they no longer carry parts for this. I’m going to hang on to it though. Surely someone will sell the set sooner or later.

  2. Hi there and thanks for subscribing to my blog! I am also very inetrested in sewing (still lots for me to learn) so am going to take a good look round yours now! Take care, Tanya

  3. Good Morning to you!

    Love the Blog! Searching for a monogrammer for my 401 & 401a, a deluxe model would be nice. Is the 171276 the model I should be looking for? I scored a 171278 online for a V machine, not the correct match. Not a clear description until I received it sadly…

    • Hello,

      Thanks and lucky you that you have TWO 401s. It’s too bad about the 171278 monogrammer but I believe that the monogrammers compatible with your machines are the ones pictured on my blog, the Singer Monogrammer Part 171256 (makes 3/8 inch letters) and the Singer Deluxe Monogrammer Part 171276 (makes 1 1/2 inch letters).

      Although these monogrammers were made for later model slant machines, they can be used on the 400 and 500 Singer series sewing machines. If not included with the monogrammer set, you must find the Feed Cover Plate # 161825 (designed for use with the 401 & 403. Without it, these monogrammers will not work on your machines.

      Good luck,

  4. I am happy that I found you because I have just received an elnita 225i sewing machine and I can’t figure out how to properly insert the bobbin case! Any you could send me would be soooooo helpful!

  5. I left a Kenmore (sage green & ,white) at a thrift on Cape Cod in Massachusetts because I had a new machine I think this was about 6 or 7 years ago. I have since tried to find the person that bought it and buy it back from them. It had everything that originally came with it. EVERYTHING!!! It looks like like the one with the great lengthy review, maybe a year different. ” Green Sears Kenmore 158.17511 (Model 1751) Sewing Machine – A Review (Updated 11-14-11)” It was bought at Sears in the late 60s or early 70s.
    I would really love to be able to buy this machine back. For some reason I think it had a number 72 or 73 on the front of the manual. Thanks for reading this, hope you can help.

    • Hi Wendy,

      I think your machine may have been either a 1752 or 1753 because those two are very similar to my green one (1751). You can take a look at two images I just posted here.
      Hopefully one of these is the one you are looking for.


  6. Hi,
    I have a Singer golden Touch & Sew that I bought because it was in good shape (gently used and new gears/belt) and I learned to sew on my Mom’s Touch & Sew. Mom’s machine broke a gear earlier this year and now this one broke also (same gear, same teeth) is this just me or is that a problem with this model? Please email me back

  7. i have a elnita 225i i would like a copy of the owners manual if i could get one i cant find one i just got it for my little gril for 4h if someone could help me with this it would be great i orderd one and i never got it .

  8. Sonia,
    I just found this website today…very nice! I am having trouble with the feed dogs on a kenmore 1560…they WERE frozen. While frozen (as long as I didn’t want to drop them) the machine sewed great. But I wanted to be able to drop them so I can do free-motion quilting on it. So I followed your directions and now the ‘bullet’ moves back and forth when I change the feed dog lever. GREAT…but not so great. 😦

    Now no matter which position, UP or DN, that I put the lever in, the feed dogs move but don’t come up far enough to move the fabric.

    1-The bullet slides back fine when you set it to DN…but should the 2 halves of the “Bullet case” move independently then? Mine doesn’t. If I loosen the screw directly under the bullet case I can manually move them independently…but i don’t even know if they are supposed to. But loosening it doesn’t solve the problem.

    2-How do I adjust the feed dogs to they come back up high enough to move the fabric again. It seems like even when the bullet is ‘in’ it doesn’t make anything happen.

    I hope I’m making myself clear and that you can help me.

    In any case, GREAT WEBSITE. Lots of good info.

  9. Hi! I have a Elgin 65 DeLuxe Pink sewing machine and was interested if it was worth anything if you happened to know. I have not had much success gaining information on line. Thank you!!


  11. Am crazy about sewing, yet can’t find the time to build this interest of mine. Recently found a used kenmore sewing machine,I intend to purchase. And would like to learn how to sew stitches too. I do most of my learning online so am looking forward to learn wonderful things from u. Thanks

  12. Hi Sonia –
    I’ve recently realized that I have an abundance of vintage sewing machines, parts and attachments. Most of the items I’ve realized how to use them, and/or what they do/how they are used and with what machine. I’ve stumbled across a set of deluxe zig zag attachments similar to the picture URL I’m including. Do you know how and what machine this is used with? Thanks for your help!

  13. Hi Sonia. I have recently inherited a vintage sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother. I know nothing about this machine and I have searched and searched to find a manual for it with no luck. I want to use it but I don’t want to break it and my mom said the tension needs fixed. It’s an Elgin, zig zag width, deluxe sewing machine, with a model SAZ Japan on the topside and J-A38 on the underside. It white and turquoise with some chrome. Has a pedal with electric cord attached. Also has a top snap on case. If you know how I can find a manual I would really appreciate the help. Thanks,

  14. Hey Sonia, my mother had a similar hobby/job like you, but unfortunately he had a few accidents and stopped working in bigger companies, now she started to sew here and there from home, but we have a huge problem! First of all, we do not know where to get those old Singer machines and spare parts for them within the East Europe, would you have any recommendations for us regarding companies or web sites which provide such things? Big fan of your blog btw 🙂

  15. I’ve been looking for the instruction sheet for the Kenmore 20-6770 low shank monogrammed like you have. Would there be a possibility that you may have a scan of it? The Vintage Kenmore group has no sheet in its files nor do its members when queried.

    Thank you.


  16. Hi, Great blog. I have a Kenmore 158.1760 and have misplaced the monogrammer. I called the Sears parts folks and was told the one I wanted was common to 10 other machines, among them the 158.1941. There is a monogrammer for sale with the 1941 machine which seems to be for a low shank machine. Mine is super high shank. Do you happen to know what part number I am looking for or whether the one with the 1941 is the correct information? He also gave me a part number, but it seems to not match anything. It is 48274. Thanks for any help 🙂

    • Hi Dottie,

      Are you sure your Kenmore is a super High Shank? I have yet to come across a high shank Kenmore machine. You can check the Helpful Images page to find the correct shank on your machine. Unfortunately I do not know what Cam number you need but I am not surprised that you were given one as many of the Kenmore cams, and accessories are interchangeable.

  17. Hi. Stumbled across your lovely website while hunting for info about an earlier Elnita sewing machine; the 1300 … with no luck at all, I might add! Anyhow, I,m posting this just to say a great ‘Thank You’ for all that you’ve posted re the Elnita that you have …. will be most helpful, I think as the two machines look very similar. So, I’ll see if the threading is the same, or nearly so, and the same goes for the bobbin used and the threading and loading thereof. Just not sure of the tension setting for normal straight and zig-zag stitching. Once threaded etc. will have to ‘play around’ and find out. You are amazingly thorough, and MUCH appreciated! Boquet to you!

  18. Stitch Nerd,
    I have a Kenmore 158.10401 three-quarter machine in very good order with all parts. Missing a manual but hope to find one on line. I am unable to get the thread spool holder to pop up and wonder if you could give me any insight on this. This little machine sews beautifully but I am currently using a free standing solo holder.

  19. Hello my name is Reba. Myself and my husband bough a piece of property with two old mobile homes on them and an old house. While cleaning it out we found 4 sewing machines. 1. Atlas deluxe 2. Morse Duomatic 3. Dress maker 4. wizard Citation. I would like to know more about what I have found and perhaps get one fixed and cleaned up for me to keep and possible selling the other 3 if they have any value. I can post pictures if anyone would like to see them. Thanks so much for your time.

  20. Hi Sonia, I have a question about one of your blogs – the frozen feed drop on an all metal Kenmore sewing machine. I couldn’t post the question there because the comments area was closed. I have an identical machine with the feed drop problem. The drop pin is not frozen but when it retracts the feeds don’t drop and I can’t figure out why. I looked all over but couldn’t figure out which screw is used to adjust the feed height. I’d very much appreciate if you can help me. Thanks.

  21. Hi, I purchased a “Vintage White Super Deluxe Zig-Zag Model #967. Currently looking for sewing manual or pdf. Also; I am looking for: “Replacement Foot Controller Petal.” Any direction besides “EBAY”, would be helpfull. Thank you…T92

  22. Hi Sonia! I love your pink machines! So hard to find. Thanks for the reviews of your machines. It is very informative. I stumbled upon a Sears Kenmore and contemplating on purchasing. I now have five machines just because of a Plastic broken gear on a machine. All metal from now on. It’s addicting. Hope to see more of your reviews. By the way I’m also Sonia.

  23. Hello, Recently I visited a vocational school in Northern Uganda and found some sewing machines that were in various stages of working order and no manuals. Would you be able to help me as I know they are treadles and probably old:

    Brother ZU2 8610 and 95W made in Nagoya, Japan

    Janome 680

    JUKI MO 103 3 thread overlock ? made in China

    Any help would be appreciated as they are trying to give these girls a way to make money after many years of war and upheaval in their country.

    Linda Frandsen

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