Threading the Bobbin Case on a Singer 185J Sewing Machine

In this post, I am going to show you how I thread the bobbin case on a Singer 185J sewing machine.  It is not difficult but the bobbin case on this machine is a little quirky.  Let’s get started.

Take the bobbin out of the bobbin case and pull some thread out (3 or more inches) in the direction of the arrows.

Place the bobbin back in the case and pull the lead thread up (towards the back of the machine).

In the next photo, the arrows point to 2 notches (that I will be calling ridges for this instructional pictorial) which your thread needs to travel through.    Here you will essentially be pulling the thread between the case and the tension spring.

With your finger or tweezers, draw the thread through the first ridge.

Then pull the thread in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Position the thread to the second ridge pulling it in the direction of the arrow.

Now, pull the thread into the ridge.

Now close the slide plate while you hold your thread.

You want to make sure that the thread is caught in the notch on the slide plate.

Slide plate is closed and now you are ready to bring the bobbin thread up.

Hold the needle thread with with your left hand then turn the hand wheel towards you until you see the bobbin thread come up.  If the bobbin thread does not come up, it may be that the thread is too short.

That’s it!  Lay both threads under the presser foot and you are ready to sew.

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5 thoughts on “Threading the Bobbin Case on a Singer 185J Sewing Machine

  1. Best info ever. Huge help to me and my new 185j. I will be up late but I’m determined to get this little cutie sewing again. Great close up photos. Thanks!

  2. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR BLOLG! i have honestly been trying to figure out this machine that i bought at a thrith store for days, i have had friends try and the husband at it! finally after seaching the web i came across your blog and whala! its working!!!! thank you again!

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