Look at What Followed Me Home

Another colorful vintage sewing machine.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night and noticed a new thrift shop next door so we took a look around and came up on 5 industrial sewing machines, a professional garment cutting machine and lots of (new) lace, trim, zippers, and elastic.  Turns out the owner is a tailor and downsizing his equipment, he told us this machine was his mothers and has not been used in many years.  Anyway, this is a Wizard Custom zig zagger in a pretty blue color apparently made by Brother.  I will have to research this further.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Well it will be after I’m done with it – it needs major cleaning.

It is unbelievably grimy & the electrical cord is all dry and cracked and will need replacing.  The finish is in good condition however there are a few nicks in the paint.  Nothing I can do about that as I never retouch the paint on old sewing machines.  Well, except for this one.  Off to get started on making it shiny and new. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Look at What Followed Me Home

  1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. I thought I’d come and visit you, too, and I’m really glad I got to see your FINE new sewing machine! That blue colour is just wonderful! Best wishes, Dianne B. in England

  2. Hey! I just got one just like it in a table model from my grandmothers house after she passed. (God Bless Her) I was wondering who manufactuers the parts? I would be extremely grateful if you could share some of the info you get. Im trying to start my own line of clothing, but first I have to get my machine fixed.

  3. Sonia,
    Your Wizard is indeed made by Brother, sold by Western Auto stores. Brother badged many machines for different distributors, at least 10 that I know of.

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