Sewing Machine Reviews

I am going to start reviewing all the sewing machines that I own and appear on my blog.  I like having photos of them for you to see but I also want to give some information on each if you are considering acquiring the same model.  Or maybe you just inherited one?  So initially my first review would not have been the Kenmore 1751 as it was intended to go to a friend as mentioned in this post.  Anyway, she and I decided to trade sewing machines instead – the trade?  My re-painted Edison Zig Zag

Edison Zig Zag (repainted)

for her vintage straight-stitch, vibrating shuttle sewing machine that she simply hated.  But more on that later.  Oh and remember the problem of puckering I was having with the Edison sewing machine, guess what it was?  A thread nest buried deep in the feed dog/bobbin area.  Anyway, stay tuned for my first sewing machine review tomorrow on the Green Sears Kenmore Model 1751.