Washing New Fabric

I have a lot of fabric.  Since I am starting to sew more clothing for myself I am washing and drying brand new fabric.  I really hope every sewist does this.  Why?  Well in my days at the factory I became aware that large fabric bolts were the favorite home of many critters, tiny ones too;  their germs, fluids, etc. get on the fabric.  Once garments are cut and sewn and distributed to stores, the germs are still there.  At the stores, you then have many people trying on the clothing and adding their germs.  Pretty gross huh? Brand new clothing from the store should get a wash too.

Anyway, I have gone through quite a bit of the mountains of fabric that I have and of course I need all of it which means I will be washing for days.

Do you wash your fabric?  What do you do with fabric you no longer need or want?

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