Sewing Machine Problems

I have not had any problems getting my other mechanical machines up and running properly but this one…I simply cannot get to stitch properly.

Edison Zig Zag

The upper tension and bobbin tension are just not agreeing with each other and nothing seems to work; it just keeps puckering up the fabric.  I have checked everything, oiled every required spot, replaced the needle, changed the thread, checked for burrs on the needle plate, and still nothing. This is the only high shank sewing machine that I own.  A reminder that this is the one I patiently took apart and re-painted – only to have it misbehave like this?  Taking it to the local repair shop is out of the question as the service would cost way more than what I paid for the machine.  I guess this will be my ongoing project for a while.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Problems

    • Hi Boocat,

      Thanks for the tip but the tension unit was complete.
      This machine is now working properly and it has a new owner. The problem was a super tight small thread nest buried deep in the hook race area.

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