Lydia is Alive!

Well sort of.  I was finally able to open up the Necchi Lydia 3 to inspect the inside, clean, and oil it up.  Good news is that it is all in working condition, the bobbin winder winds, the machine sews a straight line, and it sews decorative stitches (kind of hard to see because of the busy scrap of fabric).  I need to adjust the tension a bit though.

I especially love the Paris Stitching for attaching lace and applique work, so cute!

The bad news is that there are a couple of cracks in the camshaft.  Boo!!!!

This means that it will continue to crack until…..I don’t even want to think about it.  A replacement is so expensive and so hard to find that it is not even worth considering.  The replacement will crack too!  Apparently it is a design flaw.  😦

It could be worse but I am happy that it functions properly and that it came with most of its original accessories.  Ten of fifteen original accessories is pretty good by thrift shop standards.  The Embroidery Hoop is adorable and I can use it with my other sewing machines too.

I am going to be really selective about which projects get sewn with Lydia’s special stitches.  Not a bad find for $10.99 but I understand why it was donated to the store.