My New Italian Friend

Did a little shopping today and swung by the thrift store on my way back home.  Anytime I check for sewing machines there, they’ve been junk with missing parts and accessories.  I nearly tripped over this case which was sitting in the odds and ends section of the store, what was it?  It was this:

The Necchi Lydia is a beautiful machine but notorious for cracked gears.  I was unable to test it as it did not come with the foot pedal but all these accessories were in the accessory box and at only $10.99, how could I not take my chances?

The Necchi Lydia 544 featured at NY MOMA.  It is a work of art!  Just a gorgeous machine and I am keeping my fingers crossed for intact gears.  I will keep you posted.

Necchi Lydia 3

One thought on “My New Italian Friend

  1. I have one of these – it’s been in storage for quite awhile and owned since new. Just hauled it out today to see about cleaning and oiling and getting it going again.

    Wasn’t aware of the “cracked gears” issue… I probably haven’t used mine enough to have stressed them. I did snap off the white plastic/nylon-looking piece that holds on the side cover. Don’t think I could find a replacement, but maybe can make one (or use tape like I did so many years ago!). Good find – and good luck.

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