Is it a Keeper?

Edison Zig Zag

Last year around this time I obtained this old Japanese made Zig Zag Edison for a few bucks.  My intention was to fix it because I wanted to get better at maintaining my machines.  This machine needed a new band, the tension needed re-assembling, oiling/lubrication and a good cleaning.  A few months later, it was up and running fine but not perfect.  Still, I was not happy with the overall color.  So I considered giving it away or selling.  I soon realized that no one would be interested in this is old, heavy (40 pound) machine without a base and without all the bells and whistles you can get with a new lightweight machine.

Stripping in process

I am sure that this was a very nice light pink sewing machine when it was new but now the “pink” just looked like a boring salmon-y color.  I had some epoxy paint remover in my garage and decided to strip it and repaint it a color you do not normally see on sewing machines.

All pieces coated in primer

I had to basically take the machine apart as much as I could and cover everything with plastic and masking tape.

Almost done

I know.  Red.  What?  Well I have not seen many red sewing machines except for the plastic Hello Kitty sewing machine and older Husqvarnas.

Shiny & Red

I did not paint the motor or motor bracket and the inside of the fly-wheel because the front of the machine still has some pink on it.  And the base?  I  purchased the base from an eBay seller for a different machine but that machine now has its own case.  The base was brown but I repainted it as well.  I think I love this color.  What do you think?

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