New Blog and Pink Sewing Machine Love

I am starting this private blog to keep track of my sewing-related tools, machines, projects, and activities.  I am better at sewing accessories than I am at sewing clothing but I want to change that and learn to properly sew wearable items.  I also maintain most of my sewing machines so posts about those processes will most likely be included.  I wish I could say that I repair my sewing machines but I have not learned enough to claim that I do.  I am unsure what this blog will become but for now this is it.  I may also include other non-sewing posts here and there.

This is one of my 3/4 sized sewing machines, a Hot Pink straight stitch Kenmore with a funny shaped bobbin.  It did not include any extras like shuttle bobbins, feet or a manual.  Oh well.  At least it came with the foot controller. Check out the color!  It weighs a ton but for $10.00 at  a local flea market how could you walk away from such preciousness?!

That small pink box was empty. 😦

Hot Pink Kenmore

Oh yea, and today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People AND National Rice Pudding Day!